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4. R2W tokens: What are global digital tokens?

Global digital tokens or R2W tokens may be used at any car wash in the R2W system. You can buy global digital tokens only through the R2W application using one of the payment methods offered.

4.1 R2W tokens: How to buy global digital tokens?

If you wish to purchase R2W tokens you need to click on the     button in R2W app, upon which a page will open with a list of prices and packages.

After selecting the desired package, you will need to select a method of payment.

Please check out the step-by-step payment procedure here.

If you have completed all steps correctly, the invoice page will display where the package you have selected be displayed and the amount paid.

4.2 R2W tokens: How to upload a global digital token from the voucher?

Only Ready2Wash can create and distribute vouchers with R2W tokens (global tokens).
If you have R2W voucher, with R2W tokens:
1. Start your R2W app and click  .
2. Choose the option Redeem voucher
3. Place QR code from the voucher in the camera frame, or enter code manually (pencil icon)

By scanning the QR code or typing in the alpha-numeric characters in the marked field in the R2W APP, the number of tokens shown on the voucher will be transferred to your R2W user account.

These tokens have the same value as any R2W token (global digital token)

4.3 R2W tokens: Where can I use global digital tokens?

Global digital tokens, R2W tokens, may be used at any car wash location in the Ready2Wash network, domestically and abroad.

4.4 R2W tokens: Do global digital tokens have an expiry date?

Due to the certain obligations that we have to car wash providers, the token validity period has to be limited.

Depending on the type of package you selected the expiry date of the tokens may vary.

When purchasing tokens be sure to check the expiry date. When purchasing new R2W tokens you extend the expiry date of previous R2W tokens.

4.5 I inserted the token, but the wash did not start – what to do?

If you inserted digital token and the wash didn’t start, please contact the car wash administrator immediately or write to us on support@ready2wash.com with
1. your email registered at the R2W app,
2. the time and the date when you inserted the token
3. the name of the car wash.

so we can detect the problem.