Signing up to R2W

1. Creating an account on Ready2Wash

Easily download Ready2Wash app from the App Store or Google Play.

Create your account with the “Get started” button. If you already have an account just log in.

The registration process is simple, just type in your name, email address and password.

Then choose your country and preferred language.

When the user accepts the Terms and Conditions based on the entered information, the system will create a confirmation email to verify the information. Registration is completed when the user has clicked on the link in the confirmation email. When the account is created, you may log into the application.

And you are now Ready2Wash!

You can use any car wash in the Ready2Wash network with just one account.

Simply choose the nearest car wash and the Ready2Wash app will navigate you there!

1.1 I did not get a confirmation email – what should I do?

If you did not receive a confirmation email when creating your account, please check your SPAM messages or write to us on with the same email you used to create your account.

1.2 I have forgot my password or want to change my password

1. Go to your login page and click on FORGOT PASSWORD?
2. You will see a notification on your Home screen that an email was sent to you (the email you created your profile with).
3. Click on the link you received in an email
4. Write your new password and then once more below to confirm it and click RESET
5. Automatically, you will see the log in page. Write your email, new password and you are logged-in!

1.3 Is my account private?

Every registered user’s account is private by default.

1.4 How to navigate the R2W app on my phone?

When you log in, you will see the Home page with icons on the top.

When you click on the Home page button you can see the amount of tokens you have in the middle.

On the left, you will see an add button to buy tokens.

On the right, you will see a present button that contains campaigns from your favourite car wash.

Below that you will see a list of nearest car washes to your location.

When you click on the notification button you can see news such as important announcements, scheduled maintenance notification etc….

When you click on the location button it will take you to a map where you can see your location and the nearest car washes to you.

On the left top corner is the hamburger button. When you click on it you can see a drop menu with your name and your email on the top.

1.5 Available services

The following options are available to registered users:

  • Locating the nearest R2W network car wash with a navigation system
  • Overview of all R2W global network car wash locations
  • Overview of general information and available additional services at individual car wash locations (sweepers, tire black, etc.)
  • Overview of car wash news
  • Application language settings
  • Cash and cashless virtual token purchase
  • Services rendered and payment overview
  • Services at R2W car wash locations using virtual tokens
  • Following and participating in promotions and acquisition of free virtual tokens and services
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Service ratings