Car wash – find, rate, report

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2. How to find the nearest car wash station

Underway, the R2W application will list the nearest car wash locations on the title page if you have set your device locator on.
If you have set a car wash as a favorite SET STAR, this will always display at the top of the list regardless of distance from your current location.

2.1 How to view available services on particular car wash

If you wish to see all the available services at a particular car wash, all you need to do is click on the name of the car wash on the title page.

Car wash pages make available the following information: phone number, working hours, available services, address, as well as the latest news and car wash promotions.

2.2 Add car wash station to favorites

If you wish to have a particular car wash list first you can add it to Favorites by clicking on the yellow star next to the name of the car wash.

2.3 How to rate car wash

You may rate a car wash only if you have used its services.

After services have been rendered (ex: wash) the application will ask if you wish to rate the car wash service. You can enter your rating by clicking on a number of stars.

2.4 How to report car wash problem

If you have a problem using services at a car wash, we ask that you call the number listed on the car wash’s page (in R2W app).

All issues regarding the purchase of tokens can be reported to