Car Wash customer loyalty – myth or truth

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Car Wash customer loyalty – myth or truth

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Once your car wash is up and running and customers are using the service, the next step is how to keep them loyal. There are many elements determining the number of users and the general success of the car wash site. Depending on the location and number of competitors, car wash is always in need of some kind of innovation, whether that is a different price policy, additional services, or simply new payment methods. But the most important question remains: How to increase customer retention?

Self-service car wash is an unattended business in most cases, where customers are using the service without any interaction with the service operators. In that case, it is very hard to reward your loyal customers. Punch cards or stamps are old-fashioned and require interaction. So, how to engage customers which you don’t meet?

If your car wash is equipped with Ready2Wash software, you have the right tool. The platform is enabling car wash operators an advanced business intelligence, giving them the opportunity to manage their business and create custom reward campaigns. If you want to reward the big spenders or frequent users, Ready2Wash has a solution. Or want to boost your business in slow hours, you have the right tool. Ready2Wash expands engagement and customer loyalty to a new level, enabling car wash owners to provide an additional boost and increase sales.


Car wash users are keen to use the same car wash station due to location, convenience, and comfort, therefore most of your customers are the retaining ones (up to 75%). Customer loyalty is becoming one of the key factors in running a successful car wash business and it is important to have the tools to keep and engage customers. The most effective way is to start a reward program via a mobile app where you create the tailor-made program that suits your customer’s needs the best.


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